The greatest physical feature on the earth is an integral part of our history and heritage.A dozen lifetimes would probably not be sufficient for one to know and understand himalaya fully studded as it is with numerous peaks, glaciers, passes and places of pilgrimage. We plan to introduce you to the small part of mighty himalaya-The region known as Uttaranchal-in the hope that introduction would help you to understand and come closer to the entire Himalayan region.

About Us

Path Finder Travels  was established five years ago for the development of tourism in Uttaranchal (Kumaon and Garhwal) and is the owner of 4 resorts in Kumaon viz. Hotel Krishna,The Mall, Nainital ; Krishna Mountview “Mountain Resort” Kausani; Krishna’s Corbett Jungle Retreat, Dhikuli, Ramnagar, Distt. Nainital; “Krishna Orchard Resort”, Mukteshwar. We are engaged in allied activities such as Package Tours, Conference and Seminars, Hotel Bookings, Jeep Safaris, Pilgrimage Tours/Chardham Yatra (Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri) and Tailor Made Itineraries in this region. We provide Hassle Free Travel and are the ground handling agents in Kumaon and Garhwal.

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The Himalayas

Tribes situated in the Himalayas mountain range are mostly Buddhists, Muslims, and Hinduists who speak several different languages. All of them cherish their traditions and beliefs which are in many ways different from other areas around the world. People usually believe that there is Yeti that wanders around the mountain the range, including those who live in this area. However, this area has much more to offer, including unique cultural and traditional habits and routines.

Marriages in Nepal represent important social bonds between families. Therefore, arranged marriages are performed when a child reaches the particular age. It is the tradition that bride´s family provides generous gifts to groom´s family, in return, they offer clothing, jewellery, and personal items to the bride. Weddings usually last three days and more often than not can be very expensive, especially for the bride´s family.

Polygyny was also legal and common until recently. It is same for child marriages, even though they are still present in some villages. However, love marriages are also gaining popularity among young generations.

Joint families and similar domestic units are also an important part of their culture. There is a particular hierarchy which should be respected. For example, the old have the authority over the young ones and men over women. The difference between male and female is also present in the division of labour as well. Men usually work hard agricultural tasks and trade, while women care for their children, wash clothes, cook, collect firewood, etc. It means that women usually have more demanding jobs and less free time. As a result, women in these areas die younger.

Besides, daughters cannot inherit family property unless they remain unmarried until the age of thirty-five. It is suggested that sons manage the family´s inheritance together, for example, land, but lately, they usually divide it.

Children are often cared for and educated by mothers, as well as other family members and neighbours, who should instruct and discipline the children. The older children have an advantage to the young ones. Nevertheless, they all should respect everyone despite their place in the hierarchy.

Hospitality is the crucial element in these cultures. The guests are not allowed to help with the jobs in and around the house and are often welcomed with the particular food. Giving gifts should be offered and accepted with both hands, and it is considered rude to refuse the gift. Most often gifted as a greeting gift is Khata or Hada, which is a long white piece of silk which represents purity and loyalty.

February is a special month for the local people and they have special gifts for Valentine’s Day for him and for her that are a symbol of the peace and the love.